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Name:tatara totsuka
Birthdate:Feb 14
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we met
on the roads where thousands pass
those days
we made merry and joked together

the morning after we talked all night of dreams
we stepped lightly
with a straightforward gaze
we looked straight to the future

if we walk together
we'll be filled with so much more courage
and we can overcome whatever may happen
we are protected

the words we vowed on a crimson sunset
seep into the sepia moon
may the warm bonds we have long forged
last into eternity
in our unchanging town
our usual smiles
echo each other, build on each other
a precious place

there were times i shed tears
that's when you
stayed by my side
just silently, softly

even as time passes and our paths part
i want you to continue to protect
without breaking
look straight ahead without looking back

i grasped these hands at the ends of red blood
what is certain begins to shine
don't give up, you will get there
and one day we'll meet again
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